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Google Flights Just Got a Major Upgrade That’ll Help You Save Money


From now on booking plane tickets will be extremely easy. Because the Google Flights service has been officially released. From today Can use to find a flight in every route. Choose the cheapest or most economical flight. While also connecting to Google Search, just type the flight you want to go to there will be price comparison information of various airlines. Came up to see immediately.

Anyone who wants to try or booking tickets through Google Flights is easy. Whether used on a PC or a mobile phone, you can access this service. Just type in the Search box with keywords like Plane tickets, flights, fly to, etc. Anything like this will meet with Google Flights, which will show the results of the airline Travel time, starting price, etc., including fields for entering locations and dates.

Go to https://www.google.com/flights When visiting the website, Google Flights can choose the destination airport. And ticket booking forms Such as adding to the bag etc.

The system can compare the prices of airlines on the Google Flights website instantly via the website. Without having to download the plane ticket booking app Can use both on mobile and on PC.

In addition, if you still can’t find the desired price Can instantly track the price of the selected flight You will be notified in the event of a cheaper or more expensive price changing.

After selecting, you will summarize the cheapest booking methods. Click Select to go to see the details and pay on that website right away.

Considered as another good service from Google that comes to help increase the convenience for travelers. Without having to download any apps to install additional While also supporting multiple languages ​​and currency conversion Anyone who is going to travel can try it now.

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